April 14 2012

Super Space Gordon is back children! In his brand new adventure he faces a mysterious angry truck from outer space while saving damsels in distress from robot ninjas!
If you can bear our french voices, we also wrote some subtitles for Double Gchette, the latest installment of our 7 year old series. We also made a making-of/bloopers video for this one.
But Halo is not our only working materials as proved with Treasure Hunters: Castle on Fire, our first Uncharted 3 movie!

For the most curious among you we also wrote some article about the Halo CE community ten years ago as well as a written making of What a Night! that brings back memories from our creation process!

Have fun you crazy kids!

Lastest Entries

Making of What a Night!

Making of What a Night!
With over a year of production, What A Night! is one of our most important project so far.
The early tests started in March 2010 while the final version only hit the internet in August 2011. Unlike some of our other delayed projects What a Night! wasn't postponed due to technical issues or lack of spare time but mainly because we were waiting for the soundtrack created by Florent, our sound designer.

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Halo, just ten years ago

Halo, just ten years ago
Recently, while browsing some French Halo websites, I found this chronicle (in French), written by Jefferson who tried to explain to the newest members how it felt to live the Halo Combat Evolved community ten years ago.
While I certainly did enjoy the idea, it was oriented toward montages and frags show off videos. I then decided to write my own vision of things about what it felt to discover Machinima and Halo videos in the pre-Halo2/xbox live era.

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