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Making of Change of Scenery : fight scene

Scene 2

Change of Scenerys scenario surprised some; the strange rhythm, the absurd dialogs, some subtleties here and there. The downside of this is that any unprepared audience might get lost in this labyrinth both logical and upside down at a same time. On the top of misunderstanding (or is it just tour own craziness?) lies the fight scene far away from regular Halo machinimas standards. Lets try to take a look at what is really happening.

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Machinima | BlueHunter | May 09 2010 | Any comment
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Making of Change of Scenery : first scene

Dialogue avec mon Capitaine

Except in its introduction, Change of Scenery has a fast rythm. In less than a dozen minutes the hero go from "nearly fired blue" to "desperate jobless" to "spy in the red camp" and ends up betrayed by her own team. Well it's not that sad, she brought the flag to her team. Whatever, the first scene had to present the character and her links with the blue team.

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Machinima | BlueHunter | August 11 2009 | Any comment
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