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New French Halo Machinimas


Hey, looks like it’s time to have a quick look at French halo machinimas! Despite months of sweet lethargy the tiny world of French speaking Halo machinima seems to still be alive. Even if as far as we’re concerned things are still lagging behind, the ‘community is looking for a new freshness.


And you’ve got to admit that Band of Spartans is fresh enough, entirely shot from the screen with a cam, this prologue has some very special colors that give it a really unique atmosphere. It’s a shame the shooting and the story hadn’t have the same treatment. The shot are great but the narration is very difficult to follow and prevent the audience from getting interested in the story. In the end the viewer is the sceptical witness of a furtive assault on a over defended base. Despite a dozen of minutes length, the video fails to create a great drama.


Slaj, has also released a first version (half edited according to his own words) of the first chapter of his visual novel Universal Symbiosis. Although it doesn’t teach us anything relevant about the plot, Universal Symbiosis introduces in a well way, a complex story, which, if well conducted, could really ends in a top movie. It’s original, spectacularly yet well shot, and fast paced. Another great piece of machinima to come?


In parallel, Futur Life has just released the second part of [75%]Futur Sight, a dialog-based movie in which a couple of soldiers try to thwart an evil project with negotiation. The dialogs are explicit and the author is dubbing all the characters. There’s not much action and the script is very rich and should be developed in forthcoming episodes.


Those three machinimas are also important because they are the first wave of productions by Oemotion studios a new video makers team whose current leader is Futur Life, and has now a website. Let’s wish them good luck.


Also in the news : the released of a trailer for the odd Operation Bison 3 by Dreamhunter and the adaptation of the novel Sentinel by Moupe who totally fails to get the point of the original work, and lose its sense with a lot of bugs and loose shot…

Machinima | BlueHunter | June 18 2009
tags : machinima, halo, videos, tgo, gmbh

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