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A Machinima War


During the production of Pull the Trigger, I wondered if there were still machinimas where you didn’t have to watch ten minutes of flat and silly dialogs to eventually see a character shooting another with a sniper rifle. After a quick search on Google, A Machinima War by Produzer01 greatly reassured me.

This three minutes long machinima looks like a mix between BoB IV and Kill Phil where any line of dialog would have disappeared to let the place to pure action. It may sound brutal that way, but it’s the first machinima of the director and a really good (and successful) exercise to start in that domain. It helps to master the technical aspects of a film (camera mode, software…), plus it teaches how to play with the many tricks of the game like out of field action and scene connections.

Also in the English speaking web, Halo Movie, gather many pieces of machinima shot in Halo 3 but also Halo 2 and combat evolved. Let’s say it straight: you’ll find here the best and the worst side by side. You’ll be able to watch the RvB fans series : Sponsors VS Freeloader, the great Vendetta trailer , the Machines of War trailer and even the crazy Grunts are People Too including the wonderful episode 22 : Offending Every Grunts. Let’s have a tour.

Machinima | BlueHunter | June 17 2009
tags : machinima, halo, videos, tgo, gmbh

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