April 14 2012

Super Space Gordon is back children! In his brand new adventure he faces a mysterious angry truck from outer space while saving damsels in distress from robot ninjas!
If you can bear our french voices, we also wrote some subtitles for Double Gchette, the latest installment of our 7 year old series. We also made a making-of/bloopers video for this one.
But Halo is not our only working materials as proved with Treasure Hunters: Castle on Fire, our first Uncharted 3 movie!

For the most curious among you we also wrote some article about the Halo CE community ten years ago as well as a written making of What a Night! that brings back memories from our creation process!

Have fun you crazy kids!

1- Who/What is TGO GMBH?
Please head to our support page!

2- Why 'GMBH'? Are you guys German or something?
No, actually we are from France and 'GMBH' here doesn't mean Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung or Co. but just Gomo, MomoX, BlueHunter, a contraction of our nicknames first letters. We are in no case a corporation and barely speak German. If you were looking for TGO GmbH company please visit this page.

3- What are guys up to?
We are Machinimakers, which means that we write, shoot, record voice over and edit some real-time 3D movies using video games engines such as Halo.
We also write some posts about cinema, video games, machinima and stuff on this very site.

4- What are your favorite Machinimas?
Bill & John, Fire Team Charlie, Red vs Blue, Lethal Rage, Only the Strong Survive, Vendetta, Maptacular

5- What are your favorite Movies?
2001 a space odyssey, All about Lilly Chouchou, Brazil, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Hellboy II, The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Children of Men, The Big Lebowski, The Fall, Fight Club, The Fountain, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Host, In the Mood for Love, Lord of War, OSS 117, Pulp Fiction, Southland Tales, The Taste of Tea, Two Lovers, The Empire Strikes Back...

6- Can I play as a voice-over actor in your videos?
Yes, you totally can. We are always on the lookout for some new talents! Please contact us via the form below.

7- Can I play as a puppeteer/body actor in your videos?
I'm afraid no. We do the whole acting/shooting process offline in local network mode only to avoid lag and delay.

8- Do you guys wanna join me/my team for a live game someday?
We'd rather not.

9- When will your next movie be released? Will there be any trailer for it?
Most probably when it's done, finished, submited to, accepted and published. Note that we don't fully control the whole process and therefore cannot be as precise as we'd like to. We don't usually do trailers for upcoming movies.

10- When will there be a sequel to *Any of our films*?
If we haven't said so, probably never.


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